Worcester polling stations ready to safely welcome voters

IMG_0315 Poling station with Covid measures in place

When voters arrive at Worcester's polling stations on Thursday (May 6) they will find a range of measures in place to help protect them from any risk of Covid infection while they are exercising their democratic right.

Hand sanitiser dispensers will be in place alongside signs reminding people to maintain social distancing and – where possible – one-way systems.

Voters are also being asked to do their bit by wearing a face covering and bringing their own pen or pencil to complete the ballot paper. Staff at each polling station will have spare face coverings and pencils available if voters forget.

Shane Flynn, Returning Officer for Worcester, said: "We are doing everything we can to ensure that the 67 polling stations across the city are as safe and welcoming as they can be, so voters have no reason not to have a say on who their next councillor and Police & Crime Commissioner is.

"It will be compulsory to wear a face covering in all polling stations, unless you are exempt, so I would like to remind everyone to bring one along on 6 May, as well as their own pencil or pen if they can.

"We will have one-way systems in place for most polling stations, but some do not have a separate exit, so we will simply have a one-in, one-out system in place at those locations. That might mean people need to wait longer than usual to vote, so we hope voters will be patient on the day.

"The staff at all our polling stations have been trained to help voters socially distance and to ensure they sanitise their hands, to make sure there is the minimum likelihood of any Covid transmission."

On May 6, polling stations will be open 7am-10pm. Voters attending will be asked to:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Follow a one-way system if one is in place
  • Bring their own pen or pencil
  • Follow social distancing guidelines – stay two metres away.

As is normal, help will be available at all polling stations for anyone who needs assistance with their mobility or because of limited vision.

The majority of Worcester residents will be asked to cast their votes in three separate polls on May 6.

Elections for members of Worcestershire County Council and the West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner will be taking place across the city.

In the following 12 of the city's 15 wards there will also be polls for members of Worcester City Council: Arboretum; Battenhall; Bedwardine; Cathedral; Claines; Gorse Hill; Nunnery; Rainbow Hill; St Clement; St John; St Stephen; and Warndon.

The elections for Worcester City Council and the West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner were postponed from last year because of the pandemic. The County Council election was always scheduled to be held in 2021. 

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