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Pulse fix

Pulse have released a fixed version of the pulse appliance software. In order to run the new software components, the old ones must be removed and the new installation added.

 This process must be completed from your device desktop and not on RDS. Please make sure you have logged out of RDS and Pulse before starting the process.

 Please be aware that you can still use the HTML option on Pulse if you are unsuccessful with the following process. Please log a helpdesk call through the portal for assistance.

Section 1: Uninstallation

Download the default Pulse Components removal tool (225 KB) .

If you see a warning from your browser, click on Keep and then open the file.


If you receive a Sophos message, allow the file to run.


When you open the file, the uninstaller program will then run. Once complete, you can click 'Close'

Section 2: Installation

Once the uninstall program has finished you will need to download the new version of Pulse (2 MB)

Open the download and allow the installer to run.

Click Ok once you have the successfully installed message.


Open a new Edge internet browser and go to

Enter your login credentials and complete the Duo authentication process.


The host checker may take a few minutes. Please be patient.

You may also see some installation windows appear.



Host checker will then turn green.


When the installs are complete, you’ll then be taken to the main Pulse application menu where you can launch the Terminal Services sessions as before. This will then automatically run an install similar to the above, then you'll be connected to your RDS desktop. You should see the appropriate Worcester links, similar to the Wychavon example below.


If you have any issues, you can still click to continue straight after logging in and use the HTML5 client on the right hand side and submit a helpdesk call through the IT Helpdesk portal quoting the asset tag number from your device and the best telephone contact number to reach you on. If you are unable to log on to RDS and access the portal please telephone the IT Helpdesk on 01905 722121.

If you have successfully completed the process you do not need to contact IT.


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