Worcester City Council Small Community Grants Scheme

Worcester City Council has an ambitious strategic plan for the next five years. The Worcester City Plan 2016-2021 sets out the collective vision of political leaders in the city. We recognise the key to delivering on the plan will be how we work with residents and stakeholders across Worcester to create a successful, vibrant and sustainable City.  The City Plan has five overlapping and interconnected themes which will shape the Worcester we want to see.

To support the delivery of the City Plan, Worcester City Council has set aside two small grants pot to support organisations delivering services on the front line of our communities. The One Worcester Community Grants Fund and Safer and Connected Communities Grant will match fund pound for pound distinct projects across Worcester City.

1. One Worcester Community Grants

The One Worcester Community Grants is open to community groups and voluntary sector organisations working across the city of Worcester. Up to £2,000 in match funding is available from this grant. The focus of this grant scheme is to support project;

  • To connect more people to opportunities in the areas of learning skills, training and employment
  • To empower individuals, groups and organisations with capacity and skills to enable them to better identify their needs and play a fuller part in contributing to their own well being and development

For further information on the grant and helpful tips and advice please see the One Worcester Community Grant Guidance Notes.

2. Strong and Connected Communities Grant

Worcester City Council recognises the importance of volunteering in building strong and connected communities. A focus of this grants pot will be to support organisations to increase the role and value of volunteering in their own individual organisations and the communities in which we serve. We recognise that many organisations are already undertaking fantastic work in the promotion of volunteering and we want to support this. Therefore this grant will match fund pound for pound (up to a maximum of £1,000) projects that increase volunteering within Worcester City. We would particularly welcome applications from organisations who work with communities who may be under represented in volunteering within the City.

For further information on the grant and helpful tips and advice please see the Application Guidance SACC document.

Am I eligible to apply for a grant?

To be eligible for apply to receive a One Worcester Community Grant or a Strong and Connected Communities Grant then you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be a community or voluntary group or organisation or charitable organisation. The grant is not available to individuals so if you have an idea for a project you must form a group to apply for funding. You will need to create a set of rules which all members of your group agree to abide by. This is called a Terms of Reference. 
  • Your project must target benefits towards people who live within Worcester
  • You must be able to commit a match funding amount to the project. This means that every £1 applied for in grant funding must be matched by a matching amount of in-kind donations (this means donations of cash, services, free products or volunteer time).
  • You must be applying for project funding. A project is a discrete piece of work that will make a difference.  We can fund new or existing projects. You can make more than one application at any one time, but each application must be for a different project.
  • You are able to apply for both grants at the same time but they must be for separate and distinct pieces of work

How do I apply for a grant?

You can apply for a grant at anytime. Everything you need is below. Please ensure you read all the documentation thoroughly before you apply.