Worcester City Council has an ambitious strategic plan, the Worcester City Plan 2016-2021 sets out the collective vision of political leaders in the city. We recognise the key to delivering on the plan will be how we work with residents and stakeholders across Worcester to create a successful, vibrant and sustainable City. The City Plan has five overlapping and interconnected themes which will shape the Worcester we want to see.

To support the delivery of the City Plan, Worcester City Council has set aside small and medium grant pots to support organisations delivering services on the front line of our communities.

Funding is available to community groups, charities and voluntary sector organisations to support new community projects in Worcester.

The funding threshold for small and medium grants is £1 - £2,000 and £2,001 - £15,000 respectively.

Visit our Grants and Events Portal to submit an application:

Grants and Event Portal

Each application will be reviewed in accordance with the pdf Community Grants Policy. (66 KB) It is advised that all applicants review the criteria contained within the Policy to ensure that each theme is reflected in their submission.