Litter collection service goes greener, thanks to more recycling stations and solar-powered bins


Worcester City Council has introduced 20 eye-catching new recycling-on-the-go units and 22 solar-powered 'Smart' compaction bins to the city centre to increase the environmental sustainability and efficiency of its street litter collection service.

The new facilities have replaced 54 smaller cast iron bins which have historically been used to collect litter in the city centre.

The new recycling units, which have been installed at locations around Worcester's city centre with the highest footfall, have strong branding and clear signage, helping to ensure that only recyclable items are placed in them.

Plastic bottles, food and drink cans, paper, glass and cartons can all be deposited at the new recycling points – a list of recyclable materials is prominently displayed on them.

The solar powered 'Smart' bins, for general litter, and the recycling units are placed close together so that you can use the correct bin for your waste.

The 'Smart' bins can be opened using the handle or foot pedal and are self-closing once litter has been deposited – making it impossible for gulls to pull any waste from them.

The 'Smart' bins can hold five times more waste than standard bins. Daylight charges a 12-volt battery in each bin, which powers a compacting system that compresses the waste as the bin fills up.

"Improving the environmental sustainability of our services is a top priority for Worcester City Council," says Cllr Andy Stafford, Vice Chair of the Environment Committee.

"The solar-powered bins, which compact waste so they can hold more, will allow Council workers to spend less time emptying bins and more time cleaning streets and looking after other areas outside the city centre."

The move follows a trial of solar powered 'Smart' bins in a bid to find the most effective and economic combination to meet the city centre public bin needs. Installation of recycling-on-the-go stations has also taken place in Fort Royal Park, Gheluvelt Park, Cripplegate Park and by the Riverside fountain area at South Quay.

The previously used cast iron bins will be refurbished and placed in parks and gardens.

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