Recycling for Worcester

We are recycling approximately 37% of Worcester City's household waste which is a whopping 21% increase from when we first introduced kerbside recycling services in 2003!

Please help us keep up the good work! And don't forget to use recycling sites and centres for textiles, furniture, electronics, foil, batteries – and many more items. Good quality items are always appreciated at your local charity shop too.

What can I Recycle?

The table on this page lists the materials that can be recycled in your green bin.

  You can recycle Please remember...
Food tins and drink cans
  • food tins
  • drink cans
  • aerosol cans
  • sweet / biscuit tins
  • metal jar lids
  • Rinse tins and cans
  • Push sharp lids inside tins

Tip - Labels can be left on

Tip - No need to squash

Mixed glass bottles and jars
  • glass bottles
  • glass jars
  • Rinse bottles and jars
  • No bottle tops, corks or caps
  • If your kerbside recyclables are collected in sacks, you cannot put glass bottles and jars in the sacks.


Tip - Labels can be left on
Tip - All colours accepted

Plastic bottles and containers All plastic bottles e.g.
  • drinks bottles
  • milk / juice bottles
  • detergent / fabric conditioner bottles
  • cleaning / bleach bottles
  • toiletry bottles

Plastic containers e.g.
  • yogurt pots
  • margarine / ice cream tubs
  • fruit / vegetable punnets
  • plastic meat / fish trays
  • cream / custard pots
  • cake / pastry trays
  • soup / sauce pots
  • egg boxes
  • Rinse bottles and containers
  • No black plastic
  • No tops, lids, pumps, film, foil etc.


Tip - Labels can be left on
Tip - No need to squash

  • newspapers / magazines
  • phone directories
  • catalogues / brochures
  • junk mail / leaflets
  • letters
  • greetings cards
  • envelopes
  • Keep paper flat
  • Remove plastic wrappers


Tip - You can compost your shredded paper at home


All cartons e.g.

  • milk / juice / smoothie cartons
  • fabric conditioner cartons
  • soup / chopped tomatoes cartons
  • custard cartons
  • Rinse cartons


Tip - No need to squash
Tip - Plastic spouts can be left on

  • thin cardboard boxes e.g. cereal boxes, ready meal boxes
  • corrugated / thick cardboard boxes
  • egg boxes
  • kitchen / toilet roll tubes
  • Flatten cardboard boxes and tubes
  • Remove inner packaging

View a printable document of what can / cannot be recycled in your green bin

I use recycling sacks to recycle, what can I put in them?

You can recycle the same items listed above with the exception of glass. A document showing the items that can be recycled in the green sacks is available here.

What happens to my recycling?