There are a number of properties that are not able to have wheelie bins and will remain on a sack collection.

Black sacks are supplied to these households in rolls of 52, once per year, usually in October. On the alternate week scheme, properties are allowed to place out a maximum of FOUR black sacks per collection.

Green recycling sacks are supplied in rolls of 40 as and when householders need them. Householders need to place a sticker on the last sack when it is placed out for collection. This notifies the collection crews to leave more sacks. There are two types of recycling sticker; one to request more sacks, another to request more stickers. Sheets of stickers are also available from the crews. It is beneficial for the householder to write their address on the sticker in case their sacks get moved to outside another property.

Rolls of sacks are delivered to an appropriate location on the curtilage of the property or in the communal bin store as appropriate. Where a householder has an exemption, sacks will be delivered to the agreed collection point.

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