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Recycling & Waste

I need more black or green sacks

There are several properties that are not able to have wheelie bins and will be serviced by a weekly or two-weekly sack collection service.

Black sacks are supplied to these households in rolls of 52. These are available upon request. Only one roll of black sacks can be requested per year. If more than 52 sacks are needed throughout the year, these will have to be purchased by the resident.

On the alternate week collections, properties can place out a maximum of FOUR black sacks per collection.

Green recycling sacks are supplied in rolls of 40. These are available upon request. Additional rolls can be requested throughout the year. There is no limit to the amount of recycling you can present.

Should you require replenishment of sacks please use our “Deliver/Collect/Replace bin or sack” request form.

Deliver/Collect/Replace bin or sack request form