For most single properties, two wheelie bins are provided; a 180 litre dark grey bin for general waste and a 240 litre green bin for recyclable waste. However, there are a number of options available if you meet the criteria.

1. A 240 litre black bin is available as an alternative to the standard 180 litre bin for:

  • Families with 6 or more permanently living at the same address.
  • If you feel you have any other reason for a larger black bin, please use our online contact form and an office will be in contact.

A 240 litre black bin will be provided as long as the household is making full use of the green recycling bin. Householders can be supplied with an additional green bin should they need more recycling capacity.

As soon as there is less than 6 persons permanently living at the property or the child stops using nappies then the householder must notify the Council. The Council will then exchange the larger black bin for a standard sized bin.

Periodically, the Council may contact the householder to check the current circumstances at the property to determine whether the larger bin is being used for the purpose requested.

The Council reserves the right to remove additional capacity bins, when presented for collection, if the householder does not use the bin in accordance with the guidelines above and fails to notify the Council about any change in their circumstances.

In order to promote uniformity across the whole service, householders originally supplied with an additional 140 ltr black bin will be converted to a single 240 ltr black bin if they continue to qualify for additional capacity. The Council will arrange removal of the 140 and 180 ltr black bins and deliver a 240 ltr black bin in exchange.

2. Smaller 140 litre bins are available for sole occupants or small families that do not generate much waste.

3. Householders can be supplied with a larger green bin should they need more recycling capacity.

If you qualify for any of these options, you can apply for your bin to be switched to a different size.

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