We will write to you approximately one month before your current year's service is due to expire, inviting you to renew your subscription. The letter will show your Garden Waste Anniversary Date and the current cost of the service. Should you wish to renew, payment must be made at least two working days before you anniversary date.

The letter will also show your Garden Waste Account Reference. Payment can then be made using the methods described below and your Garden Waste Collection Service will continue uninterrupted.

If you fail to pay by your Garden Waste Anniversary Date the service will be suspended on this date. To reinstate the service, you will be required to pay the annual subscription and the registration fee. 

Paying for the service

Follow the link below to pay for the renewal of your Garden Waste Service.

  1. Renew and pay for my Garden Waste Service

  2. Make sure 'Sundry Invoices' payment type is selected

  3. Enter your 10 digit Account Invoice number

  4. Complete the rest of the form as required.

How to cancel your Garden Waste Service

You can cancel the service here (and select 'Other request') or contact the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 722233. We will then contact you to arrange collection of your bin.

Please have your Garden Waste Account Reference ready.

Additional information