Do I need to squash bottles, cans and cartons and scrunch up my paper?

Please do not squash your plastic bottles, cans and cartons or scrunch up your paper. The machinery at EnviroSort works best if these materials are in their original state. The main separator in EnviroSort works by separating flat things, eg. paper from 3D things like cans.

Can I put shredded paper in my recycling bin / sack?

It is difficult to recycle shredded paper, we suggest you put shredded paper inside an old envelope and into your recycling collection. Alternatively, a much better way of recycling your personal documents is to put them in your home composting bin.

Why can't I put textiles into my recycling collection?

As your recyclables are collected mixed together in one bin / sack we cannot collect textiles for recycling because they will get spoilt. You can donate textiles to charity for re-use and there are also recycling sites around Worcester where you can take unwanted textiles.

Can I recycle aerosols (shaving foam, hairspray etc.) in my green bin/sacks?

Yes you can! Please put all your empty aerosol cans in your green bin/sack.

Where can I recycle foil?

Foil can be taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Sites in Worcester.

I don't have a green bin or any green sacks, what shall I do?

Please contact us to find out if you should have a green wheelie bin or green recycling sacks. We will then arrange delivery as appropriate.  

Can I have another green bin?

Yes you can. Request a new green bin here.