Wheelie bins in Worcester

An alternate week wheelie bin system using two different bins was introduced to households in Worcester from October 2005

For multi-occupancy dwellings we provide either extra single bins or communal bins. The number and size of bins provided will depend on the size of the property, the number of occupants and access to the property.

To further encourage recycling, we will usually not provide more black bins for domestic refuse than green recycling bins but would provide more recycling bins if requested. Landlords should not source their own bins.


Tenants must place out their wheelie bins on the edge of their property (normally at the front) on their collection day, by 7:00am. Where properties have a communal bin store the Council will collect bins from that store. In properties where bin stores are not provided, there must be space made available on the property for all wheelie bins to be stored by the tenants. Bins must not be stored on the public highway.

Landlords should allow sufficient space for the number of bins required to hold refuse & recycling separately for 2 weeks for the number of tenants at the property. If this space is not available, your property may be placed on a sack collection.

Landlord's responsibilities

As a Landlord, you are responsible for the properties you own, and in particular for your tenants' refuse & recycling provision. This means you must make sure that:



  • Your tenants understand how to use the bins correctly. Our website has plenty of information on recycling and literature which can be printed out and given to your tenants.
    Recycling Information & Literature


  • Any problems, such as missed collections, damaged or missing bins are reported to us in good time so that we can resolve any issue as quickly as possible.
    Report an issue with your bins


  • Your tenants follow refuse & recycling collection procedures – putting the correct bin out on time on the correct day, using the bins correctly, not leaving side waste out etc. Our website has full details on our Refuse & Recycling service, including collection calendars.
    Refuse & Recycling Collections

New tenants

Whenever you take on new tenants, we recommend you contact them as soon as possible after they arrive and inform them of the following:

  • Collection day
  • Collection frequency (weekly, fortnightly etc.)
  • Where bins should be moved to and when, ready for collection day
  • Where and when bins should be returned to after collection to ensure bins are not causing an obstruction for their neighbours.
  • Number and colour of bins at your property, and what should be put out when.

Find your next collection day

Please remember that collection schedules may be subject to change during public holidays. These changes should be relayed to your tenants in time for them to put their bins out.

Holiday collection arrangements

If you are unsure about any of these details, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01905 722233 or online.

Contact Worcester City Council

Remember, particularly if you have a house full of students, many of your tenants may not know how the Refuse & Recycling Service works in a new city. Giving them all the information they need early on will help cut down the number of problems you have to report to us, and will ensure that your tenants do not inadvertently cause problems for their neighbours.