Currently the annual subscription fee is £62.50 per brown bin plus the registration fee of £10 (for a total of £72.50).

Apply for garden waste collections

If you would like to start having your garden waste collected and a brown garden waste wheelie bin delivered to your home.

Apply for garden waste collections

Why collect garden waste?

Worcester’s Garden Waste Collection Service is an easy to use and convenient way of removing your excess garden waste.

  • Your waste is composted, which can then be reused
  • Fewer trips to the tip, reducing your carbon footprint
  • No mess in your car

Your garden waste service

Your subscription runs for a rolling 12 month period. For example, this means that if you were to subscribe in September your renewal payment would not be due until the same time the following year, giving you the equivalent of a whole season’s collections.

Your service runs from March to early December, operating Tuesday to Friday. During this period you will receive a fortnightly collection. Before the start of the season we will notify you of your day and week of collection.

Please remember that your bin should be out ready from 7.00am on your collection day. Our collectors work between 7.00am and 4.30pm. The time that they arrive at your property may vary due to traffic, roadworks or other issues, so please ensure your bin remains at the collection point between these times.

Collection information

You usually need to place the wheelie bin at the front edge of your property, wherever your black/green bin is collected from currently. Your bin must be on your property and not positioned on the public highway where it could cause an obstruction.

If there is no front edge to your property, you are allowed to place your bin in a safe position on the footpath. Please remember to remove your bin from the pathway, once it has been emptied. Bins stored at the rear of properties must be brought to the front.

If you are late or forget to put out your bin, or if you are away from home on the day of collection, then please store it until the next collection. We cannot return to collect your bin if you have placed it out after the vehicle has been.

Some collection days have changed. If you are affected you will have received a letter with details of your new collection day.

Missed bins

If we miss your collection please accept our apologies. We aim to collect missed bins within three working days (Tuesday to Friday).

To help us collect it as quickly as possible, please report it by using our online self-service and select 'Missed Collections'.

Need more than one bin?

You are not limited to one garden waste bin.

  • New customers will need to pay the subscription fee at a cost of £62.50 per bin, plus £10 registration fee.
  • New customers need only pay the £10 registration charge once - e.g. two bins amount to £135.
  • Existing customers will need only to pay the subscription fee at a cost of £62.50 per bin.

Please call 01905 722233 to order more.

Tagged bins

If there is a problem with the contents of your bin our collectors will leave a ‘tag' explaining what to do next.

When the problem is resolved, please call 01905 722233 to ask for your collection to be made. This will be done within three working days, providing your regular collection is not due within five working days from the date of your request.

To help avoid collection problems please remember we CANNOT take the following items:

  • Kitchen and food waste
  • Soiled pet bedding
  • Plastic bags, including bio-degradable sacks
  • Large thick branches – i.e. more than 10cm / 4'' diameter
  • Rubble, bricks and soil

Please also remember that your garden waste service crew have to be able to move your bin safely; while we will take fallen fruit, please be mindful of the weight of your bin.

Bank Holidays

Customers with a collection due on Bank Holidays will be notified in advance of any revised arrangements. Changes in the service will be displayed on the Council's Bank Holiday Information page

Additional information