New, bigger bins will help reduce litter on Worcester streets


TT 124 new-look, larger litter bins are being installed across Worcester this week, as part of a £403,000 investment to upgrade current facilities and reduce the amount of litter on the city's streets.

Councillor Andy Stafford, Chair of Worcester City Council's Environment Committee, said: "Ensuring Worcester's streets are clean and tidy is one of the City Council's top priorities.

"The larger design will reduce the potential for overflowing bins and prevent wind and wildlife from scattering the contents."

Dog owners will also be able to put their pets' waste in the new bins, giving them more options for cleaning up after their animals.

After collection, contents from the new bins will be taken to EnviRecover -  an Energy from Waste facility based at Hartlebury. Here the waste will be converted into electricity, which will then be exported to the National Grid.

£80,000 will be spent between now and March 2022, with 21 bins installed in new locations in addition to those being replaced by larger models.A further £323,000 will be invested between April 2022 and March 2025, with approximately 900 street bins in Worcester set to be replaced.

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