Worcester pupils go Green for Halloween

A Worcester primary school has stepped up efforts this term to recycle and re-use more materials – and is encouraging residents across the city to do likewise.

Cranham Primary School in Warndon has placed small recycling bins in every classroom which are emptied by pupils in to larger green bins at the end of each week, ready for collection by Worcester City Council.

The school is organising a Halloween costume swap event, allowing pupils and parents to grab a new outfit for free – whilst ensuring that their costumes get more use before they are thrown away.Everyone can wear their 'new' outfit at the school's Halloween disco on the Thursday before half term.

Cranham Primary School, part of The Rivers C. of E. Academy Trust, has also embedded the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals into its curriculum.This ensures that the careful use of resources and action to address climate change become an integral part of pupil's learning.

Nick Cale, Cranham's Head teacher said: "As we teach our pupils to love, learn and live as global citizens in an ever-changing world it is the minimal gains that we all make as individuals that will have the greatest impact.

"If each one of our 440 pupils passes on the recycling message to another 440 individuals, imagine the difference that could be made. All of our lessons are linked to Sustainability Development Goals and children are already making links between themes, environmental issues and their learning. Our pupils are becoming ambassadors for change, and that has to be a good thing!!"

Cllr Andy Stafford, Chair of Worcester City Council's Environment Committee. Added:"It's fantastic to see Cranham Primary School leading the way by encouraging their pupils to recycle and re-use more.The future will be in safer hands with more people developing this mindset from an early age.

"I urge all residents in Worcester to follow these young people's example.Check that you're recycling as much as you can and give away rather than throw away items which still have life in them."

Check which items are recyclable locally.

You can check out opening times for household recycling centres and find locations for recycling banks.

Worcester City Council also runs a Saturday Skip service, designed to provide a free local disposal point for residents who are unable to transport bulky items to a household recycling centre.

Further actions to reduced Worcester's carbon footprint are set out in Worcester City Council's Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2020 - 30. 

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