Results for Worcester City Council election

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The results are in for the election of members of Worcester City Council, held on 2 May 2024. The votes were counted on Friday 3 May at Perdiswell Leisure Centre.

For the first time, the council held an all-out poll, with the full 35 seats up for election.

With all the votes counted, Labour won 17 seats, the Greens took 12, the Liberal Democrats secured five, and the Conservatives are on one.

This means that there continues to be no overall control of the Council.

The election was fought on a new electoral map, following a review by the independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England, which saw the number of wards in the city increase from 15 to 16. Several ward boundaries were redrawn, and some wards were renamed. The majority of the new wards have two councillors each, while three wards have three councillors, reflecting their larger population size.

Worcester City Council elections were previously held in three years out of every four, with one-third of councillors elected each time. From this year onwards, all 35 councillors are elected in one go, serving four year terms.

The results by ward are:

  • Arboretum – Hannah Cooper (Green), Karen Lewing (Green)
  • Battenhall – Paul Sobczyk (Green), Louis Stephen (Green)
  • Cathedral – Lynn Denham (Labour), Adam Scott (Labour)
  • Claines – Mel Allcott (Lib Dem), Jessie Jagger (Lib Dem), Karen Lawrance (Lib Dem)
  • Dines Green & Grove Farm – Matt Lamb (Labour), Robyn Norfolk (Labour)
  • Fort Royal – Jabbar Riaz (Labour), Atif Sadiq (Labour)
  • Leopard Hill – Katie Collier (Green), Andrew Cross (Green)
  • Lower Wick & Pitmaston – Alan Amos (Conservative), Sue Smith (Labour)
  • Nunnery – Pat Agar (Labour), Basharat Ali (Labour), Elaine Willmore (Labour)
  • Rainbow Hill – Zoe Cookson (Labour), Adrian Gregson (Labour)
  • St Clement – Alex Kinnersley (Green), Tor Pingree (Green)
  • St John's – Jenny Barnes (Labour), Richard Udall (Labour)
  • St Nicholas – Sarah Murray (Lib Dem), John Rudge (Lib Dem)
  • St Peter's Parish – Steve Cockeram (Green), Elena Round (Green)
  • St Stephen – Neil Laurenson (Green), Alex Mace (Green)
  • Warndon & Elbury Park – Jill Desayrah (Labour), Naz Hussain (Labour), Ed Kimberley (Labour).

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The City Council holds its Annual Council meeting on 14 May. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Leader, and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees will be appointed at that meeting.

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