Voter ID and how it impacted on Worcester City elections


The vast majority of voters in Worcester City took an acceptable form of ID with them, with 99.7% of electors being able to vote at the city's 47 polling stations.

115 (0.8%) people turned up at the polling station without acceptable ID, but of these, 68 later returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote.

By the close of the poll, just 47 people (0.3%) were not able to vote as they didn't have the correct photo ID.

Worcester City Council issued 243 Voter Authority Certificates – the new document for those who don't have any other valid photo ID.

The total number of electors who were eligible to vote in person at the polling stations was 50,744.

The total number of voters issued with a ballot paper at polling stations was 14,367 (28.3%).

Shane Flynn, Returning Officer for Worcester, said: "We issued 243 Voter Authority Certificates for those who needed them and we were pleased that the vast majority of voters brought photo ID which met the voter ID requirements of the Elections Act 2022."

This year, Worcester City Council had elections in these wards: Arboretum; Bedwardine; Cathedral; Claines; Nunnery; St Clement; St John; St Peter's; St Stephen; Warndon Parish North; and Warndon Parish South.

In 2024, the City Council will move to a system of all-out elections held once every four years. Therefore councillors elected this year will only serve a one-year term. 

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