Results are in for Worcester City Council election

Man at a polling station submitting his vote

The results are in for the elections for members of Worcester City Council, held on May 5.

With all the votes counted, Labour won six of the 13 seats that were being contested, the Conservatives won four, the Greens won two and the Liberal Democrats won one.

This means the political balance on the City Council is now:

  • Conservatives – 15 seats
  • Labour – 12 seats
  • Greens – 6 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 2 seats.

This means that there is now no overall control of the Council.

Worcester City Council currently holds annual elections, with one third of seats going to the polls each year. In addition to this year's scheduled elections, a second poll was held in the Nunnery ward, following the resignation of former councillor Jim Carver in February. Two councillors were therefore elected for that ward.

The results by ward are:

  • Battenhall – Tom Piotrowski (Green gain)
  • Bedwardine – Shafaz Ditta (Conservative hold)
  • Cathedral – Jabbar Riaz (Labour hold)
  • Claines – Mel Allcott (Liberal Democrat hold)
  • Gorse Hill – Mohammad Altaf (Conservative hold)
  • Nunnery – Pat Agar (Labour hold)
  • Nunnery – Basharat Ali (Labour gain)
  • Rainbow Hill – Zoe Cookson (Labour hold)
  • St John – Matt Lamb (Labour hold)
  • St Peter's – Steve Cockeram (Green gain)
  • Warndon – Jill Desayrah (Labour hold)
  • Warndon Parish North – Stephen Hodgson (Conservative hold)
  • Warndon Parish South – Andy Roberts (Conservative hold)

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The City Council holds its Annual Council meeting on May 17. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Leader, Deputy Leader, and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees will be appointed at that meeting.

City Councillors recently voted to move to all-out elections from 2024. As of that date, all members will be elected once every four years. The final election for a third of the City Council's members will be held in 2023.

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