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Reducing Waste and Recycling

When trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce, we should prioritise reducing our consumption, reusing and repairing what we have and recycling everything else!

Waste Hierarchy Chart on how to reduce waste

Reducing waste

  • If you have something that is damaged, try taking it to a repair café instead of throwing it in the bin. There is one that runs every month in Worcester.
  • If you have items you no longer want or need, donate them to charity or resell them online.


  • Use the Discover app to explore vintage and second-hand shops in Worcester!


  • Currently about 34% of household waste in Worcester is recycled. Although this has been increasing it is still behind the national average of 44%. We all need to do our part to ensure that we recycle as much as possible. Recycling is the responsibility of everyone!
  • Try using the re-use sheds at the household recycling centres where possible

Not sure if or where to recycle an item? Have a search on the A-Z of Recycling from Let’s Waste Less Worcestershire.

More information on what can be recycled can be found under Household Recycling and on the Recycle | Worcestershire County Council page.

Severn Waste have created a number of fact sheets on different materials taking you through their recycling journey.