Grow your own!

An allotment is not only a way of growing your own fresh produce, it's also a great way of getting in the fresh air, a good source of exercise, an opportunity to make new friends and good for the environment.

Allotment sites managed by Worcester City Council

Worcester City Council owns and manages 23 allotment sites.

Site name Total plots Waiting List
Battenhall Avenue 21 22
Bromwich Road 50 16
Cherry Street 6


Comer Avenue 26 8
Comer Road 41 18
Foxwell Street 75 29
Green Lane 31 12
Henwick Road 24 6
Hillborough 56 14
Langdale Drive 12 33
Lansdowne Crescent 23 23
Lansdowne Road South 64 30
Northwick Road 116 16
Old Northwick Lane 50 14
Perdiswell: Droitwich Road 115 14
Pitchcroft Lane 26 19
Pitmaston 19 12
Rogers Hill 9 7
The Grove 27 7
Timberdine Avenue 56 27
Waterworks Road 43 2
Winchester Avenue 6 13
Windsor Avenue 77 23


If you reside within Worcester City and wish to apply for a plot and added to our waiting lists, please complete the allotment application form.

Plot allocation is restricted to a maximum of one full-size plot, or equivalent (i.e. two half plots) per person, with a maximum of two full-size plots (or equivalent) per household.

Allotment Application Form

Please Note: If you are not a plot holder please seek permission from the Council before going onto any site - either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Customer Services on 01905 722233.

Self-managed allotment sites in Worcester

There are two allotments sites that are privately managed, and another that falls just outside the Worcester City boundary. These are:

  1. Hill Avenue (Worcester)
  2. Oldbury Road (Worcester)
  3. Whittington Parish Allotments (Situated outside the Worcester City boundary and managed by Whittington Parish Council)