Play areas are being gradually re-opened in line with Government guidance, requiring that each is individually assessed and any necessary action taken to make it as safe as possible. See below for a list of which play areas have re-opened.

Worcester City Council currently manages around 44 equipped, unsupervised play areas throughout the city. Below is a brief outline of the work that we do in this area.

Map of play site locations in Worcester

Ward Location Status
Arboretum Bishop's Avenue Open
Arboretum Gheluvelt Park Play Area, Waterworks Road Open
Arboretum Lansdowne Road Play Site Open
Battenhall Battenhall Rise Open
Battenhall Cromwell Crescent Open
Battenhall Field Walk Open
Battenhall St. Dunstans Open
Bedwardine Weir Lane Open
Bedwardine Whitmore Road Open
Cathedral Fort Royal Park Play Area, Wylds Lane Open
Cathedral Stanley Road Play Area, Horizon Community Centre Open
Cathedral Waverley Street Open
Claines Cornmeadow Lane Open
Claines Perdiswell, Bilford Road Open
Claines Sabrina Avenue Open
Claines Sheldon Park Road Open
Gorse Hill Tunnel Hill Open
Nunnery Medway Road Open
Nunnery Ribble Close Open
Nunnery Ronkswood Centre, Canterbury Road Open
Rainbow Hill Brickfields Park, Ash Avenue Open
St John Cripplegate Park Play Area, Tybridge Street Open
St John Green Centre Play Area – Gresham Road Open
St John Howard Road Open
St John Oldbury Road Open
St Peters Aldersley Close Open
St Peters Batsford Road Open
St Peters Grasshopper, Mole Pedway Open
St Peters Heather Close Open
St Peters Springfield Road Open
St Peters Tesco, St Peters Open
St Peters Trefoil Close Open
Warndon Shap Drive Open
Warndon Turner's Close Open
Parish North
Bodium Close Open
Parish North
Caister Avenue Open
Parish North
Debdale Avenue Open
Parish North
Middleton Gardens Open
Parish North
Old Tolladine Road (Tolladine Road) Open
Parish North
Trotshill Lane East Open
Parish South
Great Oaty Gardens (Slade Avenue) Open
Parish South
Lyppard Community Centre (Millwood Drive) Open
Parish South
Oaklands, Pirie Avenue Open
Parish South
Pirie Avenue Open
Parish South
Threshfield Drive Open

Inspection & maintenance of play areas

All play equipment is thoroughly inspected once every two weeks to make sure that it is safe for continued use.  Our play team are trained and certificated with The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII).  Any findings are electronically recorded using PSSLive on a PDA.  In between inspections regular maintenance takes place on equipment and on the surrounding greenspace.  In addition all play areas are visited at least once a week to empty the bins and remove general litter. 

If we receive reports of broken glass, damaged equipment, etc between the scheduled visits we will arrange for the play area to be visited again, within one working day to resolve the problem.

Yearly inspection regime

Yearly inspections are undertaken by independent members of the Association of Play Industries to ensure our play areas continue to meet British and European safety standards.  This inspection establishes the overall level of safety of the equipment, foundations and surfaces including maintenance issues, vandalism problems, wear and tear, weather related issues and any installation faults.  In addition when new equipment is installed the equipment in question is subject to an independent post installation inspection. 

Play equipment repairs

Sometimes damaged play equipment can be repaired straight away. If this is not possible then the damaged item will be immobilised until it is possible for the repair.

If the repair requires the replacement of a standard item that is held in stock, a repair will be carried out within two working days.

Repairs requiring a non-standard item will take longer as parts will usually have to be ordered. In these cases we will try to complete repairs within 8 weeks, but this is dependent on the delivery time from our suppliers.

Occasionally, an item of equipment will be so badly damaged that it will cost more to repair the item than it is reasonably worth. In this case the equipment will be removed.

If you need to report an incident within a play area please visit our Report It page