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Racefield Meadow

 The name "Racefield", from the tithe map, refers to the stream, or "race", which runs the length of the site. A mixture of mature and young woodland, amenity and wildflower grassland, this site has a bit of everything!


Access: Pedestrian entrances on Dugdale Drive, Lister Avenue, Fielden Row, Newtown Road 

Site Facilities:
surfaced footpaths, play park nearby

Open: Pedestrian access 24hrs 

Dogs: Well behaved dogs welcome, please clean up after your dog using the bin provided.

Habitat: Unimproved Grassland, Mature Secondary Woodland, Recent Secondary Woodland, Hedgerows, Stream, Amenity Grassland, Veteran trees 

Notable Wildlife: Ragged Robin, Oak, Ash, Willow, Teasel, Buzzard, Great Tit, House Sparrow.

Other features:

Site Map

Racefield Meadow Site Map


  • Mowing of unimproved grassland
  • Bramble clearance
  • Ragwort Control
  • Maintenance of furniture
  • Footpath cutting
  • Management of veteran trees
  • Thinning of young woodland