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Newtown Green

Sometimes known as Ronkswood Fields, some of this area of grassland alongside Nunnery Wood was once managed as sports pitches. Management for biodiversity has lead to a gradual return and spread of wildflowers such as Yellow Rattle.

Access: Pedestrian entrances on Carlisle Road, Chelmsford Drive, Linksview Crescent and from Nunnery Wood (Worcestershire County Council) 

Site Facilities:
benches, sports pitches nearby, play area nearby, Trim Trail, parking and toilets at Ronkswood Community Centre (not 7 days)

Open: Pedestrian access 24hrs. 

Dogs: Well behaved dogs welcome, please clear up after your dog using the bins provided.

Habitat: Unimproved grassland, Wildflower Meadow, Scrub, Hedgerows, Woodland edge, Pond, Recent Secondary Woodland.

Notable Wildlife: Yellow Rattle, Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Burnet, Field Scabious. 

Other features:  

Site Map

Newtown Green Site Map


  • Mowing of wildflower meadows
  • Thistle topping
  • Maintenance of furniture
  • Footpath cutting
  • Restoration of hedges
  • Pond clearance