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Worcester Riverside Park

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Worcester Riverside Park is over 80 hectares and is a free to access Public Park. The park is located along the banks of the River Severn, in and around the outskirts of Worcester City centre and includes Diglis Island, an island within the River Severn downstream of the city centre.

The River Severn flows in a southerly direction through the city. The Severn Way and Route 46 of the National Cycle Network transverse the park. The park forms an important green corridor connecting a wider chain of parks, walks and green spaces within the city. In addition to the recreational value of this connection, the park has a biodiversity value as a major wildlife corridor for both the city and county connecting wildlife populations separated by human activities or structures and allowing an exchange of individuals between populations. Species diversity is high with two hundred and twenty-five plant species and thirty-three bird species recorded in 2014.

The park also contains the City’s swan sanctuary which can have up to 200 swans living in the sanctuary at any time. Swan food is available for purchase at various points throughout the park and at the Cathedral.

Worcester Riverside Park areas include:

  • Henwick Parade
  • Le Visinet Parade
  • St Andrews Gardens
  • Bromwich Parade
  • Pitchcroft Racecourse

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Site Map of Riverside Park

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