Civil emergency

The City Council recognises its responsibilities to care for persons in need of shelter, warmth and food and will act as a co-ordinator, providing an enabling body to bring together the help required to mitigate the effects of a disaster.

The City Council has a Civil Emergency Plan in order to make a quick and comprehensive response in the event of a major emergency affecting the City.

The Plan sets out procedures to be followed and allocates functions to Officers in the event of a major emergency, whilst recognising the need for the City Council to endeavour to continue to deliver its usual services to residents at the same time.

Risk Registers

The West Mercia Community Risk Register has been created to provide public information about hazards identified which could potentially have an impact upon the West Mercia Police Force Area.

The National Risk Register provides details of the risk displayed in the Risk Matrix and what actions are implemented to mitigate their impacts.

The Community Risk Register is focused on the local issues in detail and the National Risk Register looks at the generic risks that affect the whole of the UK.

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