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Will my business qualify for a reduction in Rates?

Any business premises affected by flood damage to such an extent that the premises are no longer occupied will qualify for an exemption, 100% relief, from business rates for a period of up to 3 months from the date of the flood. After the 3-month period rates will be charged at 50% until such a time as the property is re-occupied.

What if I continue to trade despite the damage?

We are not able at this time to grant an exemption or relief to all businesses affected by flooding but you may be able to have your rateable value reduced. If your business suffers financial difficulties because of the flooding we may be able to offer hardship relief on a case-by-case basis.

Can I have my rateable value reduced?

If you believe that the rateable value of your property should be reduced you should discuss this with the Valuation Office. Their general advice is that while flooding will not automatically mean a reduction, individual circumstances will apply and you should contact them as quickly as possible.

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Can my property be removed from the valuation list while repairs are on-going?

This may be possible but we would not recommend that this be done. Many properties affected by flooding are small businesses currently in receipt of small business rates relief. In order to qualify for this relief a property must have been in the valuation list from the 1st April up to the date the relief is sought. Therefore removing the property from the list will mean that it will not qualify for small business rates relief after it comes back into the list.

Is their any more help available?

If only part of your business is affected by flooding you may be able to qualify for a reduction. Where a property can be only partially occupied Worcester City Council can ask the Valuation Office to split the rateable value between the occupied and unoccupied parts. Rates are due in full on the occupied part and the unoccupied part would be subject to the 3 month exemption from rates. More information on part occupied relief is available by contacting us.

If your business is experiencing financial difficulties because of the flooding Worcester City Council may be able to offer hardship relief on your rates bill. This could be available to the extent of a full remission of your rates bill while your business is affected by the flooding. The business would have to demonstrate that they would sustain hardship if relief wasn't granted and cases would have to be considered on a case by case basis.

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