How much you pay will depend on which valuation band your property is in and your personal circumstances. Every property has been valued by the Inland Revenue Listing Officer. You can find out which band your property is in by looking on your Council Tax bill, or by contacting us.

Who has to pay the Council Tax?

  • There is one Council Tax bill for each property.
  • In most cases someone living in the property will be responsible for the Council Tax (the ‘liable person'). That will be either the owner-occupier or a tenant if the property is rented.
  • If no-one lives at an address, or it is not the main home of the people living there, then the owner has to pay.

Council Tax Bands for 2023-2024

Valuation Band Worcester City (£) Warndon Parish (£) St Peter's Parish (£)
A 1354.38 1372.86 1368.45
B 1580.10 1601.66 1596.52
C 1805.84 1830.48 1824.60
D 2031.57 2059.29 2052.68
E 2483.04 2516.92 2508.84
F 2934.50 2974.54 2964.99
G 3385.95 3432.15 3421.13
H 4063.14 4118.58 4105.36
  • Use my local area search to find your Council Tax band and the annual charge for your property.
  • You could pay less than the amount shown for your property band if you qualify for a discount, benefit or reduction for disability.
  • You can challenge your Council Tax band if you think it’s wrong, but you should continue to pay your Council Tax bill while you do this.

Council Tax Bands for 2022-2023

Valuation Band Worcester City (£) Warndon Parish (£) St Peter's Parish (£)
A 1291.15 1309.63 1303.69
B 1506.33 1527.89 1520.96
C 1721.53 1746.17 1738.25
D 1936.72 1964.44 1955.53
E 2367.11 2400.99 2390.10
F 2797.48 2837.52 2824.65
G 3227.87 3274.07 3259.22
H 3873.44 3928.88 3911.06

What if I think my bill is wrong?

  • You should contact us immediately if you think your Council Tax bill is wrong in any way.