As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency, Worcester City Council will publish individual payments to suppliers with a value of £250 (previously £500) and over on our website.

The reports listed below are in year/month order, in 'pdf' format for general viewing and in machine readable 'csv' format, and are made available under the Open Government Licence.

The council is committed to providing information in accordance with national guidelines.


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2020 Payments January 2020.csv Payments January 2020.pdf
February 2020 Payments February 2020.csv Payments February 2020.pdf
March 2020 Payments March 2020.csv Payments March 2020.pdf


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2019 Payments January 2019.csv Payments January 2019.pdf
February 2019 Payments February 2019.csv Payments February 2019.pdf
March 2019 Payments March 2019.csv Payments March 2019.pdf
April 2019 Payments April 2019.csv Payments April 2019.pdf
May 2019 Payments May 2019.csv Payments May 2019.pdf
June 2019 Payments June 2019.csv Payments June 2019.pdf
July 2019 Payments July 2019.csv Payments July 2019.pdf
August 2019 Payments August 2019.csv Payments August 2019.pdf
September 2019 Payments September 2019.csv Payments September 2019.pdf
October 2019 Payments October 2019.csv Payments October 2019.pdf
November 2019 Payments November 2019.csv Payments November 2019.pdf
December 2019 Payments December 2019.csv Payments December 2019.pdf


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2018 Payments January 2018.csv Payments January 2018.pdf
February 2018 Payments February 2018.csv Payments February 2018.pdf
March 2018 Payments March 2018.csv Payments March 2018.pdf
April 2018 Payments April 2018.csv Payments April 2018.pdf
May 2018 Payments May 2018.csv Payments May 2018.pdf
June 2018 Payments June 2018.csv Payments June 2018.pdf
July 2018 Payments July 2018.csv Payments July 2018.pdf
August 2018 Payments August 2018.csv Payments August 2018.pdf
September 2018 Payments September 2018.csv Payments September 2018.pdf
October 2018 Payments October 2018.csv Payments October 2018.pdf
November 2018 Payments Novemeber 2018.csv Payments November 2018.pdf
December 2018 Payments December 2018.csv Payments December 2018.pdf


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2017 Payments January 2017.csv Payments January 2017.pdf
February 2017 Payments February 2017.csv Payments February 2017.pdf
March 2017 Payments March 2017.csv Payments March 2017.pdf
April 2017 Payments April 2017.csv Payments May 2017.pdf
May 2017 Payments May 2017.csv Payments May 2017.pdf
June 2017 Payments June 2017.csv Payments June 2017.pdf
July 2017 Payments July 2017.csv Payments July 2017.pdf
August 2017 Payments August 2017.csv Payments August 2017.pdf
September 2017 Payments September 2017.csv Payments September 2017.pdf
October 2017 Payments October 2017.csv Payments October 2017.pdf
November 2017 Payments November 2017.csv Payments November 2017.pdf
December 2017 Payments December 2017.csv Payments December 2017.pdf


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2016 Payments January 2016.csv Payments January 2016.pdf
February 2016 Payments February 2016.csv Payments February 2016.pdf
March 2016 Payments March 2016.csv Payments March 2016.pdf
April 2016 Payments April 2016.csv Payments April 2016.pdf
May 2016 Payments May 2016.csv Payments May 2016.pdf
June 2016 Payments June 2016.csv Payments June 2016.pdf
July 2016 Payments July 2016.csv Payments July 2016.pdf
August 2016 Payments August 2016.csv Payments August 2016.pdf
September 2016 Payments September 2016.csv Payments September 2016.pdf
October 2016 Payments October 2016.csv Payments October 2016.pdf
November 2016 Payments November 2016.csv Payments November 2016.pdf
December 2016 Payments December 2016.csv Payments December 2016.pdf


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2015 Payments January 2015.csv Payments January 2015.pdf
February 2015 Payments February 2015.csv Payments February 2015.pdf
March 2015 Payments March 2015.csv Payments March 2015.pdf
April 2015 Payments April 2015.csv Payments April 2015.pdf
May 2015 Payments May 2015.csv Payments May 2015.pdf
June 2015 Payments June 2015.csv Payments June 2015.pdf
July 2015 Payments July 2015.csv Payments July 2015.pdf
August 2015 Payments August 2015.csv Payments August 2015.pdf
September 2015 Payments September 2015.csv Payments September 2015.pdf
October 2015 Payments October 2015.csv Payments October 2015.pdf
November 2015 Payments November 2015.csv Payments November 2015.pdf
December 2015 Payments December 2015.csv Payments December 2015.pdf