As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency, Worcester City Council will publish individual payments to suppliers with a value of £250 (previously £500) and over on our website.

The reports listed below are in year/month order, in 'pdf' format for general viewing and in machine readable 'csv' format, and are made available under the Open Government Licence.

The council is committed to providing information in accordance with national guidelines.


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2024 default Payments January 2024.csv (80 KB) pdf Payments January 2024.pdf (470 KB)
February 2024 default Payments February 2024.csv (71 KB) pdf Payments February 2024.pdf (423 KB)
March 2024 default Payments March 2024.csv (65 KB) pdf Payments March 2024.pdf (396 KB)


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2023 default Payments January 2023.csv (70 KB) pdf Payments January 2023.pdf (407 KB)
February 2023 default Payments February 2023.csv (66 KB) pdf Payments February 2023.pdf (387 KB)
March 2023 default Payments March 2023.csv (87 KB) pdf Payments March 2023.pdf (522 KB)
April 2023 default Payments April 2023.csv (80 KB) pdf Payments April 2023.pdf (465 KB)
May 2023 default Payments May 2023.csv (82 KB) pdf Payments May 2023.pdf (470 KB)
June 2023 default Payments June 2023.csv (68 KB) pdf Payments June 2023.pdf (395 KB)
July 2023 default Payments July 2023.csv (64 KB) pdf Payments July 2023.pdf (383 KB)
August 2023 default Payments August 2023.csv (74 KB) pdf Payments August 2023.pdf (441 KB)
September 2023 default Payments September 2023.csv (60 KB) pdf Payments September 2023.pdf (355 KB)
October 2023 default Payments October 2023.csv (65 KB) pdf Payments October 2023.pdf (394 KB)
November 2023 default Payments November 2023.csv (68 KB) pdf Payments November 2023.pdf (404 KB)
December 2023 default Payments December 2023.csv (49 KB) pdf Payments December 2023.pdf (300 KB)


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2022 default Payments January 2022.csv (67 KB) pdf Payments January 2022.pdf (393 KB)
February 2022 default Payments February 2022.csv (88 KB) pdf Payments February 2022.pdf (527 KB)
March 2022 default Payments March 2022.csv (103 KB) pdf Payments March 2022.pdf (612 KB)
April 2022 default Payments April 2022.csv (78 KB) pdf Payments April 2022.pdf (457 KB)
May 2022 default Payments May 2022.csv (57 KB) pdf Payments May 2022.pdf (317 KB)
June 2022 default Payments June 2022.csv (78 KB) pdf Payments June 2022.pdf (386 KB)
July 2022 default Payments July 2022.csv (78 KB) pdf Payments July 2022.pdf (462 KB)
August 2022 default Payments August 2022.csv (75 KB) pdf Payments August 2022.pdf (448 KB)
September 2022 default Payments September 2022.csv (80 KB) pdf Payments September 2022.pdf (477 KB)
October 2022 default Payments October 2022.csv (74 KB) pdf Payments October 2022.pdf (473 KB)
November 2022 default Payments November 2022.csv (83 KB) pdf Payments November 2022.pdf (504 KB)
December 2022 default Payments December 2022.csv (73 KB) pdf Payments December 2022.pdf (429 KB)


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2021 Payments January 2021.csv pdf Payments January 2021.pdf (450 KB)
February 2021 Payments February 2021.csv pdf Payments February 2021.pdf (608 KB)
March 2021 Payments March 2021.csv pdf Payments March 2021.pdf (603 KB)
April 2021 Payments April 2021.csv pdf Payments April 2021.pdf (539 KB)
May 2021 Payments May 2021.csv pdf Payments May 2021.pdf (662 KB)
June 2021 Payments June 2021.csv pdf Payments June 2021.pdf (519 KB)
July 2021 Payments July 2021.csv pdf Payments July 2021.pdf (494 KB)
August 2021 Payments August 2021.csv pdf Payments August 2021.pdf (373 KB)
September 2021 Payments September 2021.csv pdf Payments September 2021.pdf (379 KB)
October 2021 Payments October 2021.csv pdf Payments October 2021.pdf (424 KB)
November 2021 Payments November 2021.csv pdf Payments November 2021.pdf (351 KB)
December 2021 Payments December 2021.csv pdf Payments December 2021.pdf (315 KB)


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2020 default Payments January 2020.csv (39 KB) pdf Payments January 2020.pdf (228 KB)
February 2020 default Payments February 2020.csv (35 KB) pdf Payments February 2020.pdf (255 KB)
March 2020 default Payments March 2020.csv (48 KB) pdf Payments March 2020.pdf (277 KB)
April 2020 default Payments April 2020.csv (36 KB) pdf Payments April 2020.pdf (215 KB)
May 2020 default Payments May 2020.csv (48 KB) pdf Payments May 2020.pdf (314 KB)
June 2020 default Payments June 2020.csv (39 KB) pdf Payments June 2020.pdf (269 KB)
July 2020 default Payments July 2020.csv (58 KB) pdf Payments July 2020.pdf (377 KB)
August 2020 default Payments August 2020.csv (55 KB) pdf Payments August 2020.pdf (367 KB)
September 2020 default Payments September 2020.csv (52 KB) pdf Payments September 2020.pdf (344 KB)
October 2020 default Payments October 2020.csv (58 KB) pdf Payments October 2020.pdf (373 KB)
November 2020 default Payments November 2020.csv (58 KB) pdf Payments November 2020.pdf (355 KB)
December 2020 default Payments December 2020.csv (60 KB) pdf Payments December 2020.pdf (354 KB)


Payment Period CSV PDF
January 2019 default Payments January 2019.csv (27 KB) pdf Payments January 2019.pdf (156 KB)
February 2019 default Payments February 2019.csv (35 KB) pdf Payments February 2019.pdf (63 KB)
March 2019 default Payments March 2019.csv (53 KB) pdf Payments March 2019.pdf (389 KB)
April 2019 default Payments April 2019.csv (32 KB) pdf Payments April 2019.pdf (181 KB)
May 2019 default Payments May 2019.csv (32 KB) pdf Payments May 2019.pdf (261 KB)
June 2019 default Payments June 2019.csv (39 KB) pdf Payments June 2019.pdf (225 KB)
July 2019 default Payments July 2019.csv (47 KB) pdf Payments July 2019.pdf (265 KB)
August 2019 default Payments August 2019.csv (38 KB) pdf Payments August 2019.pdf (317 KB)
September 2019 default Payments September 2019.csv (42 KB) pdf Payments September 2019.pdf (355 KB)
October 2019 default Payments October 2019.csv (35 KB) pdf Payments October 2019.pdf (208 KB)
November 2019 default Payments November 2019.csv (40 KB) pdf Payments November 2019.pdf (401 KB)
December 2019 default Payments December 2019.csv (38 KB) pdf Payments December 2019.pdf (229 KB)