"Building a successful future on 2000 years of history"

Leaders of the council

Welcome to Worcester City Council’s strategic plan for the next five years:  Building a successful future on 2,000 years of history.  This plan is not just about the Council’s activities but about how we hope residents and stakeholders can pull together to create a successful, vibrant and sustainable Worcester.  As Leaders of the Council’s three political parties we have come together to formulate our shared vision of a future Worcester; only by working together with partners across the city can it become a reality.

The City Plan focuses on five overlapping and interconnected themes, which will together shape the Worcester we want to see by 2021.

  • Councillor Adrian Gregson, Leader, Labour group
  • Councillor Marc Bayliss, Leader, Conservative group
  • Councillor Louis Stephen, Leader, Green group

pdf Read the Worcester City Plan (1.83 MB)

Stronger and Connected Communities


We want people in Worcester to feel they are part of a city where they have positive relationships with each other, where they feel safe and where they are able to succeed to the best of their abilities. We want to build inclusive communities, where issues such as isolation are tackled.

A Prosperous City

Worcester Bosch HQ

We want sustainable growth from which many people and communities can benefit.  We want to attract good employers, support existing businesses and ensure everyone has the chance to get the opportunities, training and jobs that they need. We want to work in partnership to increase the proportion of high value employment in the city and for our growing entrepreneurial city to contribute to the prosperity of communities across Worcestershire and to the sustainable growth of the wider West Midlands economy.

A Healthy and Active City


We want our city’s residents to have a good start in life, enjoying healthy and fulfilling lives, through to a dignified end. We want people to have the opportunity to be as fit and healthy as they can be by using all of Worcester’s assets, from the new swimming pool to our green spaces, to improve their wellbeing.  Worcester will become an inspirational sporting city, hosting regular national and international competitions and boosting grassroots participation for people of all abilities.

A Heritage City for the 21st Century

Re-enactors at Fort Royal Park

We want to retain the ‘essence of Worcester’, whilst accommodating the needs of sustainable growth and development in a way that is sympathetic with a range of views, needs and potential. We want to attract visitors to enjoy the city’s compelling leisure offer - from bars and restaurants to shopping and the strong cultural life – and to enjoy its great heritage appeal, through the creation of a heritage partnership, encompassing Worcestershire County Council, historical societies and others. All these elements will create a compelling Worcester package.

Sustaining and Improving our Assets

Riverside Market

We want people to recognise the beauty of our city and to work with us to protect, sustain and improve its environment for the benefit of current and future generations. We want sustainable and sympathetic growth which is in tune with the environment. We want a city where people’s communities are enriched by the natural world.

pdf Read the Worcester City Plan (1.83 MB)