Worcester City has many streets that are subject to parking restrictions and controls, ranging from double yellow lines to time limited waiting bays. In these restricted areas there are often occasions when residents are in need of essential medical care that although important and urgent, does not constitute a medical emergency that would require the attendance of an ambulance or first responder but that of an accredited NHS worker / Doctor / health visitor or equivalent.

It may be necessary for reasons of safety for that attending medical worker to have vehicular access to the address that will require parking within a restricted area, such as on yellow lines, time limited waiting bays etc that would not in ordinary circumstances be permitted without attracting the issue of a PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE.

Worcester City Council is aware of the difficulties that parking restrictions can present to attending medical workers and will make available on request an ` Essential Attendance Permit ` that may be displayed within the vehicle  enabling the vehicle to park temporarily in areas / locations that otherwise would not be permitted.

These Permits are not be a licence for ` Convenience Parking ` and the attending medical worker should make very effort to park lawfully near to the address in question without the use of a permit before opting to display it and park.

Essential Attendance Permits will be available for NHS applicants only and must be supported by a General Practitioner, they will not be supplied in the first instance to private organisations such as Care Agencies, applications must be via the named G.P. Practice / Health Centre or Surgery.

To apply for an Essential Attendance Permit, write to;

Parking & Enforcement Services
Worcester City Council
The Guildhall
High Street

Worcester City Council would prefer letters of application to be on headed paper from the supporting G.P. Practice / Health Centre etc.

Your application will be considered and Worcester City Council may need to contact you to discuss your need or otherwise for an EAP. If the application is approved you will be advised how to make payment.

For further information telephone 01905 722233 – Parking Office.