1. Only residents of premises whose address falls within the listed streets in the relevant zone may apply for a Residents Parking Permit to park their vehicle within that particular zone. Where a resident is not listed on the current electoral roll, it may be necessary to produce some other form of proof of residence.
  2. A Permit to park in a defined zone will not allow parking in another different zone; the permit is restricted to parking in the listed zone only.
  3. Permit charges and the number of permits allowed per property are listed in the relevant zone details.
  4. A Resident`s Parking Permit will apply to one specific vehicle only by registration number and may not be used on any other vehicle.
  5. Resident`s Parking Permits may be issued to the following classes of vehicles.
    1. A Passenger vehicle [car].
    2. A motor-cycle.
    3. A Goods Vehicle [small vans etc.].
  6. Possession of a Resident`s Parking Permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space within the specified Zone, this is subject to occupancy by other Permit holders. Neither does the possession of a Resident`s Parking Permit guarantee the permit holder will be able to park directly outside their property. Possession of a Resident`s Parking Permit simply allows the permit holder to park within the specified scheme, space permitting.
  7. The permit holder should be the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle for which the permit is issued.
  8. Resident`s Parking Permits are valid for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of issue. Applications for Resident`s Parking Permits must be made online via MI Permit. Applications to renew permits may be made up to one month before the date of expiry.
  9. A Resident`s Parking Permit will cancelled via MI Permit be if;-
    1. The Permit holder is no longer a resident within the specified zone.
    2. The Permit Holder ceases to own the vehicle for which the permit has been issued.
    3. The vehicle no longer falls within a permitted class of vehicle.
    4. The vehicle has a Statutory Off Road Notice [SORN] recorded against it.
  10. Worcester City Council may withdraw or cancel a Resident`s Parking Permit by written notice to the permit holder if any of the above apply, in which case the permit will be automatically cancelled.
  11. Vehicles parked within the specified Zone should park in such a manner as to not cause any unnecessary obstruction to any other vehicle, premises of person.
  12. Any vehicle [not being a vehicle recorded as being entitled to a Resident`s Parking Permit within the specified Resident`s scheme or zone] being used in connection with the sale of any article from that vehicle may not park within a Resident`s Parking Zone except if the articles concerned are taken into or delivered to a premises adjacent to the vehicle from which the sale is affected or if the person is licensed to sell goods from a stationary pitch within the specified parking zone.
  13. Worcester City Council or Worcestershire County Council may suspend all or part of a designated Resident`s Parking Zone at any time without notice for the following reasons.
    1. For the purpose of facilitating the movement of traffic or promoting it`s safety.
    2. For the convenience of occupiers of premises near to or adjacent to the parking place for occasions such as wedding, funerals or other special occasions.
    3. On any occasion on which it is likely by reason of some special event or attraction, that any street or road may be thronged or obstructed.
  14. A Police Officer [in Uniform] or a Worcester City Council Civil Enforcement Officer [in uniform] may move or cause to be moved in cases of emergency [or at any other reasonable time] any vehicle required, parked within a specified Resident`s Parking Scheme or Zone.
  15. There are exceptions whereby non Resident`s vehicles may stop or wait within any specified Resident`s Parking Scheme or Zone, being;-
    1. To allow passengers to board or alight from a vehicle.
    2. To allow the loading or unloading of Goods to premises.
    3. The delivering of furniture or property effects.
    4. The delivery and collection of postal matters.
    5. Roads maintenance works, including works by the major utility providers [Gas, Electricity, Water or Telephony systems].
    6. To allow essential building works to premises within the specified scheme or zone.
    7. To allow for the presence or parking of emergency service vehicles, [Police, Fire or Ambulance services].
    8. For circumstances beyond the driver`s control.
    9. To avoid a Road Traffic Accident / Collision.