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Approved events in Worcester City Council car parks

Approval for Events in Worcester City Council car parks may be granted for a limited number and type of event, this approval may be granted under The Worcester City Council Parking places [Off-Street]Order 2009 and the Worcester City Council Parking Places [Off-street][Croft Road] Order 2009.

Worcester City Council may grant Temporary use of a Worcester City Council car park or part of a car park for events across the city for a variety of reasons, such as Civil Events like the annual Remembrance Day Parade, larger organised events such as The Race for Life or The Tour of Britain Cycle Event.

These temporary events may also be granted for smaller more private events, such as organised club meetings or one off celebrations to mark a special event that is restricted to members of a club or private event.

Each individual application will be considered on its own merits and Worcester City Council cannot guarantee that any particular application will be granted.

If you wish to apply for a approval of an event located in a car park  please pdf download and fill in the application form (266 KB) .

You can find more information about running and successfully managing such events at or The Big Lunch.