Worcester City Council is responsible for ensuring that traffic congestion is kept to as low a level as possible, to allow free passage of vehicles on the Highways and to minimise any potential danger as a result to pedestrians.

To that end, Civil Enforcement Officers ( CEOs ) have enforced most of the parking Regulations in Worcester City since February 2003, when parking was De-Criminalised and the Police handed over responsibility for parking enforcement. To the District Authority, Worcester City Council.

Civil Enforcement Officers patrol and enforce parking regulations both on Council owned car parks as well as on the public Highway and Highway Enforcement is enshrined in The Traffic Management Act 2004 [ Part 6 ].

Civil Enforcement Officers may where deemed appropriate issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles that contravene parking regulations, such as parking on single or double yellow lines, in a time limited waiting bay for longer than permitted or parking an incorrect vehicle in a bay reserved for other vehicles, such a Goods Vehicle only bays.

At such locations there will be a 'Traffic Regulation Order' in place that details exactly what the parking or waiting restrictions are.

Worcester City Council understands that there may be occasions where a vehicle will need to stop or park at locations they would  normally not be  permitted, due to the Traffic Regulation Order in Force. In some circumstances a Parking Dispensation may be issued, if certain criteria are satisfied.

For instance, a builders lorry collecting debris, a cement mixer delivering cement or a glazier fitting windows, in each case it would not be unreasonable to expect the vehicle to remain at that location while work is completed.

Dispensations will not be issued simply because it is convenient for the driver to park there.

The question that must always be satisfied will be, 'Is the vehicle actually required there at the location, all the time? Can it be moved?'

Seven Day Parking Dispensation.

Worcester City Council no longer issue physical dispensations. Instead, like many other parking authorities and providers we have moved to a 'Virtual' system.

If you need to park at a restricted or prohibited location for you may apply for a Seven Day Parking Dispensation online via Mi Permit

This will enable you to park for up to but not exceeding seven clear days. It will expire on midnight on the seventh day.

There will be a non-refundable administration fee of £55 per vehicle on application for the first initial 7 days. After the first initial 7 days the charge will be £10.00 per day. Once purchased via Mi Permit portal; the Civil Enforcement Officers will not issue a Penalty Charge Notice to your vehicle at the named location.

Please Note; the issue of a Seven Day Dispensation does not grant an absolute authority to park on the Highway in contravention of the prevailing Traffic Regulation Orders in Force at that time. It simply means that Worcester City Council will note the reason for the vehicle being at the location and Civil Enforcement Officers will not issue a Penalty Charge Notice to the vehicle that would in normal circumstances require the issue of such a notice. The Police may direct you to move the vehicle at any time.

Apply for Seven Day Parking Dispensation