To achieve consistency in the quality and standard of affordable housing developed in the City, Worcester City Council has entered into partnership with the following Housing Associations which are currently actively developing in the City.

Fortis Living

Bromford Housing Group

Bromford Housing Group Logo

Sanctuary Housing Association

Sanctuary Housing Group Logo

Waterloo Housing Association

Waterloo Housing Association Logo

West Mercia Housing Group

West Mercia Housing Group

These partners work closely with the City Council to work on new opportunities to develop new affordable housing in the City, either new build or refurbishment.

Working with a preferred partner housing association can provide many benefits to a developer/landowner and these include the following:

  • The Association has been through a selection process with the local authority
  • The Association has a proven record in delivering affordable housing and has excellent housing management skills.
  • The Association and its staff have a good knowledge of the Worcester area with an understanding of local needs and priorities
  • The Association has housing stock in the area and existing housing management arrangements
  • A close working relationship has been built up with the Local Authority
  • Up to date contact details can be provided for the partner housing associations.
  • The Associations are actively developing in this area.