What if my landlord doesn't carry out repairs?

Private Landlord

The first step is for you to write to your landlord including the following details in your letter:-

  • Your name and address
  • List of problems with your property
  • A reasonable date for your Landlord to respond to you by. We usually suggest at least 28 days. (It is important to keep a copy of the letter) 

A document sample letter is available (32 KB) for you to use.

 What happens if my landlord does not reply to my letters?

  • If you do not receive a satisfactory response to your letter, contact the Private Accommodation Standards Team with your tenancy agreement and a copy of the letter you sent to the landlord, and any response.  They will then contact you to arrange an inspection of your property.
  • Once the inspection has been carried out by one of our officers, if the officer deems the property in disrepair we will write to the landlord on your behalf.
  • If your landlord still does not respond, the Private Accommodation Standards Team will then consider taking action.

Social Housing Tenant

If you are a tenant of Worcester Community Housing or another Housing Association, you should report any complaints to your landlord.

Can I withhold rent?

If a tenant does not pay their rent, the landlord can take them to court for arrears, and they may seek possession on arrears grounds. In some circumstances, if the right procedure is followed, the tenant could do the works and take the cost out of the rental payments. A tenant considering this should always get advice first from the Private Accommodation Standards Team.

Further Information