Aids and adaptations in my home

South Worcestershire Care and Repair provides independent advice, support and practical help to older people, people with disabilities and those on low incomes who need to repair, improve or adapt their homes. If you require further information please see South Worcestershire Care and Repair details below:

My home needs repairs but I can't afford to do them  

If you are struggling to pay for repairs in your property you may be entitled to Home Repair Assistance. This is a grant for households who have serious hazards in their homes but are unable to afford to repair the problem themselves. To be eligible for the Home Repair Assistance you must meet the following criteria:

  • Owner-occupier or Private Tenant (with repairing responsibilities)
  • Savings less than £16,000

In receipt  of one or more of the following benefits:

  • Working Tax Credit (With an income after tax, of less than £15,460)
  • Income Support
  • Housing/Council Tax Benefit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit (Not pension saving credit)
  • Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) (Income based only)
  • Employment & SupportAllowance (ESA) (Income related)
  • Attendance Allowance & Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

If you require further information  on the Home Repair Assistance please contact South Worcestershire Care and Repair:

I can no longer afford to keep my home

You may find yourself in a situation where your housing costs are becoming increasingly hard to meet. You should not ignore this and act now to resolve this situation. For further information go to our Mortgage Arrears Page.

Relationship breakdown

If you are currently going through a relationship breakdown then it is important that you understand your housing rights. If your name is on the mortgage then you will have rights to remain at the property, but even if your name is not on the mortgage then this does not automatically mean you do not have rights to the property. Please do not leave the accommodation without receiving advice about your rights to the property. Please check the Shelter Relationship Breakdown Tool which will advise you on your rights to a property. For further advice please see the Shelter leaflet and website. If you require legal advice please contact the Citizen Advice Bureau.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse from your partner then please visit the Domestic Abuse & Harassment page.

I own my own home but can I still apply for a council/housing association property?

Yes you can still apply for affordable housing on the Home Choice Plus scheme, but as the Council no longer owns any properties it will be down to the individual Housing Association to make the decision on whether you will be entitled to a Housing Association tenancy. There is a high demand for social housing in Worcester and a short supply. Applicants can therefore expect to wait a long time before been re-housed, and we would advise that you look in the private rented sector for a solution to your housing need (please see Private Rented Sector page for further details). If you would like more information on Home Choice Plus please see the links below:

Domestic Abuse & Harassment

If you are experiencing domestic abuse from your partner then please visit the Domestic Abuse & Harassment page.

Emergency (including flooding and fires)

If your property has been damaged due to an emergency situation such as a flood or fire and the property is not safe to return to, you should first try and source accommodation with family or friends. If you are unable to source accommodation through family or friends and find your self homeless then you should call the Housing Advice Team who will be able to advise you accordingly. If you require further advice about flooding please visit our Flooding Page.

I have rats/fleas at my property

If you would like information on pests in your property please visit the Worcester City Councils Environmental Health website.