Housing for You

Bidding is now live on Housing for You. Please login to your account and “Search for a Home”.


If you have not yet registered on Housing for You, the process for registering will be online only based on the instructions below:

  1. Register for an account on the customer portal (or login if you already have an account from making a homeless approach) using the link above.
  2. Go to the Housing Register and create a new application.
  3. Submit all required documents to support your application (your application will not be processed until we have received all supporting evidence). You will be provided with a list of required documents based on your responses.
  4. Your Housing Register application will be verified and banded in line with the new Housing for You allocations policy.


Key Dates NEW Housing For You system Home Choice Plus

2 November 2020

Bidding goes live on Housing for You Allocations system.

Application no longer live on Home Choice Plus. Do not bid on properties on Home Choice Plus


If you need support completing the application form, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Housing for You – Allocations Policy

The pdf South Worcestershire Allocations Policy (3.61 MB)  ensures that we allocate available social housing in South Worcestershire fairly, based on how quickly a household needs to move.

We review the policy regularly to make sure it meets the needs of the people who live in the area. Our latest policy review was in August 2020 and we gave people the opportunity to talk to us about the changes that we made.

Housing for You frequently asked questions

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions for Housing for You. Please click on the links to find advice relating to these questions.

Home Choice Plus

We are not taking any new applications on Home Choice Plus. If you wish to register for social housing in Worcester, please use the link above.

Bidding has now ended on Home Choice Plus. If you wish to bid for social housing in Worcester, please use the link above.