My refuse or recycling hasn't been collected

Report missed domestic household waste

We are sorry if we have inadvertently missed your refuse or recycling.

To avoid us missing your refuse or recycling, place your wheelie bin or sacks (if your household is on an authorised sack collection) on the edge of your property, in an obvious place, so that our crews can find it easily. Thank you.

We have introduced a new domestic bin information tag which will be attached to your bin should there be a problem. These have replaced the old-style red notices. The tag will indicate why your bin has not been collected and provide information as to what to do next.

Report that your household bin has been missed

We aim to collect missed bins within three working days. Please leave your bin out in the usual place until it has been emptied.

The crews record all bins/sacks which haven't been placed out and those bin/sacks which have not been collected due to a problem. Your bin may not be collected if it is over full. Bins with open lids and protruding waste will not be collected because of the risk of falling items during the lifting process.

In communal bin stores, householders must use the bins and not leave sacks and other waste on the floor.

Please note that we do not collect garden waste, sacks of rubble or large items placed out with normal domestic refuse. The collection crews have discretion not to place an item of waste in the vehicle if they think it may damage the vehicle in the compaction process.

Report missed commercial waste collection

We are sorry if we have inadvertently missed your commercial waste collection.

Report that your commercial waste bin/sacks have been missed

Bank holiday changes to refuse and cleansing services

Information about refuse and recycling collections during bank holidays.

Report refuse and recycling issues online

Report missed collections, request an assisted collection, new or replacement bins and sacks