What is a non dependant?

A non dependant is someone who is over 18 and lives with you on a non commercial basis. This means that you are not charging them rent in order to make money, although they may contribute some money towards household bills. An example of a non dependant could be an adult son or daughter or another relative or even a friend that lives with you.

Non dependant deductions

If a non dependant lives with you, your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support is reduced by a fixed amount. What that amount is, depends on the circumstances of the non dependant. This is because the non dependant is expected to help with the cost of your household expenses (even if they don't).

These fixed amounts are set by the government and they apply whether you are of working age or of State Pension age.

Current non dependant deductions for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support can be found by following the links below:

Deductions for non dependant couples

If the non dependants living with you are a couple (living together as a couple, married or in a civil partnership) then their incomes are combined and one deduction is made based on that.

Deductions for a joint tenancy or joint owners

If you have a joint tenancy and a non dependant lives in the house with both of you, then any deduction will be half of a normal non dependant amount.

When deductions are not made

In some instances non dependant deductions are not made but this will depend on the circumstances of you and your partner and any of your non dependants.

You and your partner

Deductions are not made if you or your partner:   

Your non dependants

Deductions are not made if your non dependant is:     

  • under 25 and receiving Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance in the assessment phase  
  • receiving a youth training allowance     
  • temporarily living elsewhere such as your son or daughter is away at university
  • in prison
  • a student  
  • receiving Pension Credit
  • receiving hospital inpatient treatment at for more than 52 weeks
  • serving in the Armed or Reserves Forces and is away but intends to return home