Having a personal licence allows you to supply alcohol or authorise the supply of alcohol from any licensed premise. You must have a personal licence if you want to act as the designated premises supervisor (DPS) at any premises licensed to sell alcohol.

Once granted, a personal licence remains in force indefinitely (if you are already a personal licence holder and your licence has an expiry date, the date is no longer valid and your licence will remain in force after it has passed).


To apply for a personal licence, you will need to submit the following items to the licensing authority for the area where you live:

Completed "Application for a Personal Licence" form.

document Personal Licence Application Form (70 KB)

Completed "Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration" form.

document Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration Form (27 KB)

Two passport sized photographs of you, one of which should be endorsed as being a true likeness of you by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing in the community or any individual with a professional qualification.

document Photograph Declaration Form for new Personal Licence applicants (24 KB)

You will need to be the holder of an accredited Licensing Qualification

To find the latest list of accredited qualifications visit this GOV.UK website

You will need to provide one of the following, which must have been issued no earlier than one month before the application is made:-

  • A Criminal Convictions Certificate (Basic Disclosure), which can be obtained from the Disclosure and Barring Service. Applications for basic disclosures can be made online via the GOV.UK website here: Request a basic DBS check
  • The results of a subject access search under the Data Protection Act 1998(b) of the Police National Computer by the National Identification Service.

You will also need to submit the fee of £37 (cheques made payable to Worcester City Council)

From 6th April 2017 applicants for personal licences have to submit documentation with their application to demonstrate they have permission to be in the UK and are entitled to undertake work relating to the carrying on of a licensable activity. Applicants may provide clear photocopies or scanned copies of documents, which can either be in black and white or colour, and do not need to be endorsed as a copy of the original. Applicants should not submit original documents.

A list of acceptable documents is here:

pdf List of acceptable documents to show entitlement to work (116 KB)

You will need to submit all this items when applying for a personal licence or your application cannot be accepted.

Applications should be submitted to:

Worcester City Council Licensing, Worcestershire Regulatory Services, Wyre Forest House, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY11 7WF

Applications - Prevention of Fraud

This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you provide on application forms for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

Personal Licence Holder Responsibilities

Once you are a personal licence holder, there are certain responsibilities and duties that you must comply with. A summary of these responsibilities can be downloaded here:

document Personal Licence Holder Responsibilities (30 KB)

Change of Name or Address

One of the most important duties is the duty to tell us if your name or address changes. A form which can be used to notify us of such a change can be downloaded here:

document Application to change name or address on a personal licence (76 KB)