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House to house collections

If you want to make a collection for a charitable purpose in the City by making visits from house to house to appeal for money, other property (for example clothes) or to sell things you need a house to house collection licence from us.

Charities that hold a Cabinet Office order of exemption are not required to apply to us for a licence. However, they are requested to advise us in writing that they have an order of exemption along with the date and location of their collections. Having received this information we can try and avoid collections from clashing with one another.

Apply online

You can apply online for a licence via the GOV.UK website

Apply online

Apply by post

To apply by post for a licence you will need to complete the following form:

document House to House Collection application form (539 KB)

The form should then be returned to us at:

Worcester City Council Licensing, Worcestershire Regulatory Services, Wyre Forest House, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY11 7WF

There is no fee payable when applying for a house to house collection licence.

Will tacit consent apply?

No, it is in the public interest that we consider and process all applications.

After the collection has taken place

After your collection has taken place you must provide confirmation of the amount of money you have collected and details of any expenses you have incurred as part of the collection. This must be done within one month of the expiry of the licence.

A return can be submitted online via the GOV.UK website:

Submit a return online

The house to house collection return form template can be downloaded here:

document Return form (35 KB)

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