Under the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990 if a site contains a hazardous substance on over or under land above a specified quantity (known as the controlled quantity)then it is necessary to obtain consent from the hazardous substances authority
The Act provides for Local Authorities  to act as the  HSA. The procedure ensures that hazardous substances can be kept or used in significant amounts only after the Local Authority has had the opportunity to assess the degree of risk arising to persons in the surrounding area, and to the environment. Local Authorities are able to exercise control over the siting and use of hazardous substances through the development control system and also to exercise control  over the presence of hazardous substances whether or not associated development requiring planning permission is involved.

Public Register

Section 28 of the Act requires the Council to maintain a public register of sites at which hazardous substances are permitted to be located.

You can view the details within our pdf Hazardous Substance Register.pdf (147 KB)