What is Planning Enforcement?

Planning Enforcement plays an essential role in delivering an effective and efficient planning service. Its role involves monitoring ongoing development and investigating possible breaches of planning control and seeking resolutions to planning problems.

What is a 'Breach in Planning Control'?

A breach in planning control can include the following:

  • Building work and/or a material change of use undertaken without planning permission being granted
  • Development not being carried out in accordance with the approved plans of a planning permission
  • Non-compliance with conditions attached to a planning permission

Other breaches of planning enforcement legislation can include the following:

  • Works being carried out on a listed building which affect its character without listed building consent being granted
  • Non-compliance with conditions attached to a listed building consent
  • The display of advertisements for which express consent is required but not granted
  • The removal of protected trees and/or trees situated within a conservation area for which notification or consent is required but not given
  • Untidy land or buildings which affect local amenity

Please use our attached pdf Planning Enforcement Checklist (354 KB)  to see if the planning team can help with your enquiry.

Please be aware that dangerous buildings are dealt with by Building Control and high hedge complaints by the Tree Protection Officer.

What we do

When a breach of planning control is reported to the Local Planning Authority, or it is otherwise discovered, it is investigated in accordance with the Council's pdf Planning Enforcement Policy (178 KB) . Enforcement is discretionary where a breach occurs. It has to be in the public interest that action is taken and enforcement action should be commensurate with the breach of planning control.

Reporting an issue

Make a planning enforcement complaint

Alternatively contact the Planning Enforcement Officer via email or post at the below addresses:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Planning Enforcement Officer
The Guildhall
High Street

If you are contacting us in writing, please provide your name, address, telephone number, address to the which the enquiry related, as well as the details of the enquiry and when the use/development commenced for us to be able to investigate the issue.

Further details can be found on the pdf Planning Enforcement Checklist (354 KB)