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Planning Advice

There are two main ways in which Planning Advice can be gained from Worcester City Council Planning Authority and these come in the form of:

You can make certain types of minor changes to your house without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called "permitted development rights".

Worcester City Council seeks to provide a positive climate for pre-application discussions, offering an approach with impartial and professional advice within an agreed time frame concerning applications coming forward for determination by a formal planning application. The service is structured to provide an ‘in principle' feed back on your proposals as well as more detailed discussions and negotiations on a scheme before you submit a formal planning application.

Non-Chargeable Services

Although we will make a modest charge for advice on permitted development and for pre-application enquiries, we will continue to offer free services that aim to provide the following:

  • Information on the forms, plans and supporting information required for submitting a planning application and the required fee.
  • Queries about planning applications pending determination
  • Identification of the relevant development policies for particular development types

If you experience any technical problems when using our webpages then please let us know by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Section 106 Monitoring, Drafting and Legal Charges

The preparation and monitoring of Section 106 planning obligations is a time-consuming and complex process, taking up a significant amount of officer time. It is essential that the system operates effectively and efficiently.

The Council has therefore decided to introduce charges from the 31 January 2019 to cover the cost of monitoring and drafting planning obligations. The charges were drawn up having regard to relevant national guidance and legislation. They were devised to be proportionate to the amount of work undertaken in relation to planning obligations by the Council and to the scale of development. The monies raised will be spent on costs relating to the administration and monitoring of planning obligations.

The charges are set out below and are payable on completion of each Section 106 agreement:

  • The base fee is £650
  • In addition to the base fee, a further administration fee will be applied at a rate of £100 per trigger point specified in an agreement

Any Legal Services fees associated with the drafting of the legal agreement will be in addition to the Administration and Monitoring Fee for Section 106 Agreements.