Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

SPDs provide guidance on the implementation and delivery of planning policy set out in the City's Local Plan policies.

Design Quality SPD - Consultation

The consultation on the draft Supplementary Planning Document closed on Monday 4th September 2017.  All responses are now being considered.  It is anticipated that the Design Quality SPD will be adopted in January 2018.

View the consultation documents.

Planning for Health in South Worcestershire SPD

The South Worcestershire Authorities are preparing a Planning for Health SPD and it is anticipated that this will be adopted in September 2017.  Further information is available from the South Worcestershire Development Plan website.

Developer Contributions SPD

The South Worcestershire Councils adopted the South Worcestershire Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document on the 20th October 2016

The Developer Contributions SPD sets out the South Worcestershire Councils’ approach to seeking developer contributions via the SWDP for infrastructure or environmental improvements required as a result of development. The SPD provides guidance about when planning obligations will be expected, the scale of developer contributions, and how developer contributions will be used.

The Developer Contributions SPD can be viewed below.

Further information on the development of this SPD.

Adopted Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document covers the administrative areas of Worcester City Council, Malvern Hills District Council and Wychavon District Council.  It explains the details of the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) policies that relate to the provision of affordable housing.  It is a guide intended to help developers, landowners, applicants applying for planning permission, registered providers and others who are seeking to provide or benefit from affordable housing.

The Affordable Housing SPD was formally adopted on 26th October 2016.

Further information on the development of this SPD.

Houses in Multiple Occupancy Supplementary Planning Document

Houses in Multiple Occupancy Supplementary Planning Document (October 2014)

SEA Screening Statement